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Preventive Maintenance
Maintenance in our industry is classified into two major categories:
1- Breakdown Maintenance

This is where the equipment remains in use until itfails, and then the maintenanceis applied to the unit.


2- Preventative Maintenance

This is where the equipment is checked on a periodicinterval of time or according to the unit's condition.

The Company's decision was to use a Standardized Preventative Maintenance System which is flexible enough to adapt with various types of rigs, personnel and equipment.

Preventative Maintenance is applied for both the critical and the non–critical equipment to achieve the company's requirements.

Preventative Maintenance System is applied in our company for so the reasons simplified as follows:



With Preventative Maintenance System, controls are in place to prevent downtime, enhance equipment performance and provide safer working conditions for personnel. This allows our company to provide our customers with a high quality services.



With Preventative Maintenance System, the capability to keep maintenance expenses optimized is applied. Stock control is implemented so the company assures the right spare parts and its quantities are controlled. Airfreight expenses are reduced. Downtime is minimized to increase profitability. Budget data and information are easily collected and inserted when proposing any budget issues.



With Preventative Maintenance System, safety is enhanced as the equipment is checked on a regular basis resulting in a safer working condition for personnel (i.e. elevators, fire extinguishers, gas detectors, fire alarm systems, etc….).
Morale is increased by reducing the stress from random failures occurred incidentally.



With Preventative Maintenance System, all processes are easy tobe planned.Accordingly all the company's departments will act more effectively and efficiently.



With Preventative Maintenance System, equipment is monitored and reports are made and documented, thus an equipment history is performed to assure a very efficient evaluation for each equipment and its performance.

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