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SinoTharwa Hand Protection Campaign 01 December 2019
Engineering Department
Engineering Activities:
1. Maintenance:
Maintenance costs, as defined by normal plant accounting procedures, are normally a major portion of the total operating costs in most plants. Traditional maintenance costs (i.e. labor and material) have escalated at a tremendous rate over the past 10 years. In 1981, domestic plants spent more than $600 Billion to maintain their critical plant systems. By 1991, the costs had increased to more than $800 Billion and topped $1.2 Trillion in 2000. These evaluations indicate that between one third and one half of these maintenance dollars are wasted through ineffective maintenance management methods.

The dominant reason for this ineffective use of maintenance expenditures is the lack of factual data that quantifies when and what kind of maintenance is needed to maintain, repair or replace critical machinery, equipment and systems within a plant or facility. Typically, maintenance organizations do not track equipment performance, maintenance tasks performed, failure history or any of the other data that could, and should, be used to plan and schedule tasks that would prevent premature failures, extend the useful life of critical plant assets and reduce their life cycle cost. Instead, maintenance scheduling has been, and in many instances, still is determined by equipment failures or on the perceptions of maintenance personnel who arbitrarily determine the type and frequency of routine maintenance.

SO….. The total required jobs from the rigs are too high, this reflects that our company's trend and especially the engineering department is to follow up every little detail with the maintenance crew and so enhance the rigs effectiveness to minimize the down time as possible.

2. Projects:
Projects is one of the sectors of the engineering department that is paid a great attention because it supports all other departments to achieve its requirements and goals easily and according to the global standards and specially API standards and in time although the time provided to it is limited and critical.
Why we start any project?
There are many points that could lead to start a project
  1. The company's expansion,, by starting up a new rig.
  2. The company's equipment upgrading, by installing new equipment.
  3. Modification done to simplify and assist the operation of the rig and make it comply with the global standards, especially API standard.
  4. Problems facing operation or maintenance crew due to breakdowns

3. Project Planning:
Engineering department does believe that project planning is the
key to succeed any project; project scan run on time and interact
effectively with both operators and suppliers. Everyone involved
understands what is wanted and emerging problems are foreseen
(and dealt with) long before they cause damage.