Cabin technical Specifications


Cabin Dimensions



L8.0×W2.44×H2.75m,L8.5m with skid


Top and bottom plate


4mm flat plate


Wall plate


4mm ripple plate


Unit weight


13.5 T


Type of explosion-proof





Hazardous Area



Zone 2


Power System


FLP transformer: 20KVA 3-phase input: option for 480V,440V,380V,220V, 3-phase Output:380V, Frequency: 35~65Hz SK-9U02 UPS (2KVA).

CMS (Creative Mud Logging System) unit

CMS is a global leading explosion-proof mud logging unit, CMS integrates advanced computer network technique with  fast chromatographic technique (30s), explosion-proof CAN BUS data transmission technique, accurate and reliable sensor technique.


Main Parameters    CMS mud logging unit can measure more than 60 parameters directly and derive more than 200 parameters.


Gas  Parameters



Total Gas, C1, C2, C3, iC4, nC4, iC5, nC5, H2S, CO2.


Engineering Parameters


HKLD, WOB, SPP, TORQ (Electrical , Mechanical,Top drive), RPM (Top drive), SPM1, SPM2 ,


Mud Parameters    


pit level, total pit level, gain/loss, mud return flow of mud,mud temperature in/out, mud density in/out, mud conductivity in/out


Depth Parameters


Well depth, ROP., Bit position, off bottom etc


Geological Parameters


Geochemical analysis, quantitative fluorescence, Shale density, carbonate analysis


Gas detecting system:


Gas System Category





Gas  Parameters


Total Gas, C1, C2, C3, iC4, nC4, iC5, nC5


C1-C5 measuring cycle


30 Second


Measuring range


C1-C55 ppm -100%; Total Gas10 ppm-100%




The calibration curve of TG, C1-C5 is linear on numeric coordinate




Hardware & Software:




Server & its Backup, Daq & its backup computers, offline computers, several screens with different sizes 30”, 19”, 17”





CMS “creative mud logging system” software system is composed of data acquisition software and data processing software. Work under Windows. SQL server





3 units for metric, English and customized unit




Open database structure and WITS standard interface, Integrate data from gas detecting, measurement of   rock sample for Geochemical, and quantitative fluorescence, to fast evaluation of oil and gas reservoirs on well site.

Data Center and Data Transmission Technique

Adopted the open database and WITS technique, integrate many sorts of data such as wire logging data, MWD/LWD data, geological data, and mud logging data together acting as the data center on well site, and transmit all data to base of oil company.