During l7 years business journey, Sinotharwa has been very successful in operating, expanding and competing which led us to occupy the second largest drilling contractor position in Egypt and enable us to undertake the challenge of moving to the international market Through having one of the most fulfilling onshore and offshore Rig Fleet in the market and by combining quality advanced assets and experienced employees, we are able to provide our clients with safe and effective operations.


Sinotharwa has started its international expansion in Algeria in 2014 by being awarded for long terms contracts with Rigs ST-14 and ST-15  and in Kuwait on 2020 with 6 work over rigs and 6 troubleshooting units as well as being successfully registered with SAUDI ARMACO in 2015.

SinoTharwa is planning to continue its international expansion through bidding and registering in several countries such as United Arab of Emirates & Iraq.