SinoTharwa Chairman Interview

With the ambition of realizing the desired growth for SinoTharwa Drilling Co. and building strong reputation, it worth stating that we have been through a series of challenges since its first establishment to create concrete market share, realize considerable rigs fleet development and simultaneously maintain the operations efficiency within the distressed economy sharply affected by global financial crisis and oil price dramatic decrease,Despite all obstacles faced, we continued our steady growth intensifying our operations all over Egyptian deserts and retrieve all stacked rigs operation for National water wells drilling project completion,At last but not least, on behalf of the board of Directors, we extend our appreciation for our management and staff for their positive attitude and steadfast commitment showed throughout this year that allowed our clientele base expansion and establish a strong foothold in Algeria though tough circumstances in Oil & gas industry,We would also like to thank our shareholders, partners, suppliers, customers and business associates for their unwavering trust looking for strengthening our relationships for many years to come.